Latest Case Results: Truck Accidents

The attorneys at Shannon Law Group, P.C., have helped many Illinois residents obtain the justice and compensation they need and deserve after a truck accident. Browse our case results to see how effective our representation can be. Our positive outcomes speak for themselves, including the record local verdict for a truck accident victim.

$1,200,000 Settlement For Unsecured Cargo Truck Injury

Defendant caused steel rings to fall onto M-33 while his trailer was being loaded, causing right femur fracture with open reduction internal fixation. Client was unable to return to work. Shannon Law Group was able to secure a $1.2 million settlement to cover cost of recovery and medical bills

Seven-Figure Settlement for Man Injured on His Motorcycle

In September 2015, Shannon Law Group, P.C.  secured a seven figure settlement for man permanently injured on his motorcycle when a motorist, operating a commercial vehicle without proper licensing, cut across two lanes of highway traffic to make an illegal left turn in front of our client. More recently, Shannon Law Group filed a Petition…

Seven-Figure Settlement Recovered For Injured Truck Driver

On July 13, 2017, our client, an injured truck driver, reached a confidential seven figure settlement. We had filed his case in Cook County because of the serious injuries he sustained as a delivery truck driver.   In January 2013, our client made a delivery to a construction site in suburban Chicago.  In the process, he helped the construction…

$5,000,000 Settlement For Truck Crash Victim

In September 2018, Shannon Law Group’s client accepted a $5,000,000 policy limit settlement after sustaining permanent injuries in a truck crash. In February of 2016, our client’s vehicle was struck in an intersection by a roadside service truck that was attempting to make a left hand turn. Our client sustained multiple left side crush injuries and a…