Filing an Uber Accident ReportRiding in an Uber should be a safe and enjoyable experience. After all, you’re going somewhere, whether it’s work, coffee with friends, or dinner with your family. But when your Uber driver gets in an accident, and you’re injured as a result, everything changes.

You’re in shock, and you don’t know what to do.

As an Uber passenger, you may be wondering, “Which insurance company do I call? How do I get in touch with Uber? Will Uber’s accident policy cover this?”

Don’t worry – we have you covered. As Chicago rideshare accident lawyers, we’ve helped people in your shoes. In this article, we discuss:

  • How to File an Accident Report with Uber
  • Uber’s accident policy
  • How rideshare insurance works (according to Uber)
  • When you should hire a rideshare attorney

If you were injured in an Uber accident, it’s important to consult with personal injury lawyers like the ones at Shannon Law Group, P.C., as soon as possible. Uber has a team of attorneys ready to defend them, so you deserve the same. Our law firm is ready to help you. Contact us today for a free consultation at (312) 578-9501 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page to get started.

How to File a Report after an Uber Car Accident

Filing a report after an Uber accident may be stressful, but it’s important you complete this step soon after the accident.  Here are some steps to follow to file an Uber accident claim in Illinois:

  1. Seek Medical Treatment. First, see a medical professional if you were injured in the accident. Your health is important above all else. Go to a nearby hospital if needed.
  2. Gather Essential Information. Collect any and all information you have related to the crash. Save photos of your injuries and the vehicles involved. Write down the names and contact information of all drivers in the accident. Also, you should gather the driver’s license numbers from all vehicles involved. Lastly, if there were any witnesses to the Uber accident, you should save their contact information.
  3. File a Report with Uber. After you’ve gathered the information above, now it’s time to file a claim with Uber. Call Uber’s emergency hotline at (800) 353-8237 or access the Help feature through the app. Only provide factual information about the accident, such as the driver’s information.
  4. Contact your insurance company. If you have auto insurance, you may be covered under your Underinsured / Uninsured motorist coverage. Call your insurer to let them know you were in an Uber accident. You may be entitled to compensation from both the Uber driver and the other driver, depending on who is at fault.

What is Uber’s accident policy for riders?

If you’re riding in an Uber and you’re injured in an accident, Uber carries an underlying liability insurance policy of $1 million.  However, this coverage only kicks in when the app is “on” (according to Uber). They may dispute whether the coverage applies for your accident, or refuse to settle your claim for what it’s really worth.

In these situations, you may consider consulting with an Uber car accident attorney near you. They will help level the playing field by holding Uber accountable in the court system.

How does rideshare insurance work?

Your Uber driver may also carry additional rideshare insurance coverage to help fill the gaps between their personal car insurance policy and the coverage provided by Uber. If for whatever reason, Uber says your accident isn’t covered under their policy, this coverage may kick in if available.

When should I hire an Uber Accident attorney?

If you were seriously injured in an Uber accident, you should hire a personal injury lawyer immediately.

Why? Because Uber and their insurance providers will be investigating the accident. Their job is to keep as much money as possible in Uber’s pockets.

You need an advocate on your side who can investigate your case independently. Uber accident attorneys preserve crucial evidence that will help your case down the road. Sometimes, this evidence disappears within weeks or months of the accident. The sooner you hire a lawyer, the better your chances of preserving this evidence are.

If you weren’t injured in the crash, you may want to sit down with an attorney anyway to explore your options. Consultations are usually free, so there’s no downside to booking an appointment.

Contact us today for a free consultation after an Uber accident

If you or someone you love was injured in an Uber accident, our team at Shannon Law Group, P.C., may be able to help you get the compensation you deserve. Our attorneys have studied Uber’s accident policies, and we know how to hold them accountable – even when they refuse to cover an accident.

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