“In 2004, I was a passenger in a car that was hit by another car; my left arm was severely broken. Even though both cars had medical liability insurance, neither insurance company covered my medical expenses. Seeking legal representation to press my case for coverage, I was turned away by several lawyers who described my case as being “not worth their time.” Fortunately for me, Joseph Shannon saw past his own professional and personal gain and agreed to represent me so that I could receive the proper care and move on with my life. Throughout the legal process, Joe and his staff were kind and attentive, even in the face of my procrastination. I am happy to report that Joe was able to win a favorable ruling for me. Perhaps as important as this ruling, Joe made me feel important, as if the law is not written just for the gain of lawyers and those whom they represent, but also for the protection of people who have been wronged. I will always be very grateful for his work on my behalf.”

– Colin, Chicago, IL