The Cost Of Hiring The Shannon Law Group

Oftentimes I’m asked, “What’s the cost to hire a lawyer who has been doing this for 28 years?” If you asked me that during the first eight years of my practice, I would have told you a number per hour — whether it’s $250 or $350 per hour. But I’ll tell you know (after I have been doing this for over 20 years) that I’ve decided the best way to represent a person is to be a partner with them. The way we do that is a contingency fee. That means if you don’t win, I don’t get paid.

Our first meeting with you and every other meeting with you is a free consultation. Again, if you do not win, we do not get paid. And if you lose, we don’t get paid either. That makes us indebted to each and every case so we can come through for you. Your interest is before ours at all times. When you come in and make an appointment with us, we will evaluate all of your medical records and all of your other documents and make a decision together — you and me — whether or not you have a case. Again, you will not pay me unless you recover.

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