Getting Compensation After a Vaccine Injury

In our country, we have a number of vaccines that all of our children and, in fact, all of us should have. Our doctors recommend them, and our kids are born and throughout their school age, they have vaccinations. For the most part, vaccines are safe; however, vaccines have side effects for a number of people. The government has already set up a program in place that with every vaccination the pharmaceutical companies have to pay a certain amount into a fund. That fund is there, and it is there to make sure that folks who have bad side effects from vaccines are compensated. We have handled these cases before. These are cases where we make sure you are compensated if you have a side effect from a vaccine.

Some people ask, “What is the cost of doing that?” The cost of a vaccine injury case is handled by the government and not by you. So if you do have a side effect from a vaccine it is important that you reach out to a lawyer because there is absolutely no downside to doing so. The lawyer will handle the whole case. The lawyer will handle dealing with a special master. The lawyer will handle the U.S. Court of Claims. The lawyer will handle getting all of the records. We are suited to handle those types of cases. We have been handling those cases and are suited to do that for you.

The prototype type of case for a vaccine case is when somebody is vaccinated and within weeks or months they develop a total out of the blue situation, or they become incapacitated, or they become not their normal selves, or they become paralyzed, or become a total changed person. Those types of cases merit an investigation by a lawyer and by a doctor – a neurologist or someone else – to make sure that you as the parent or loved one can analyze this to make sure that this injury is compensated for. 

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