Why Hire Our Law Firm?

I’m often asked, “What does experience have to do with being a lawyer?” Well, I’ve been doing this for about 30 years, and I’ll tell you that when I’m handling a case I’m using every bit of those years of experience in these cases. A number of things need to be looked at. First of all, we need to look at: What are the goals of the client? Because all we are there to do is to serve you, the client. It isn’t about us; it is never about us. Our firm’s philosophy is serving you the client. We want to make sure you meet your goals, not our goals.

In our experience, we have handled hundreds of cases. We know what type of cases are ones that we can come through for you on. If it’s a case that I cannot come through for you on, I will politely decline to represent you and make sure you get together with another fine lawyer. My job is to make sure that your goals are met — that we meet your expectations and goals, not ours.

Some people ask me, “If you handle my case, is that it? Is it over?” The answer is no. We’ve kept our law firm small for a reason. We want to have a family type atmosphere. I am very blessed to have great employees that work at our firm. They are the best. They are family-oriented, people-oriented, and they are other-oriented. That’s part of what we think about. We want to make sure we come through for you on your case. But when the case is over, we hope that our relationship isn’t over. We want to be your lawyers for life. If you have problems down the road (which we hope you will not), we want you to call us and ask us, “Hey, I have this legal issue. Can you help me with it?” And you know what? If we can’t help you with that, we probably know somebody who can. And that’s our job is to make sure we are not just your lawyers for a transaction, we’re in it for the long haul with you. We want to make sure that you are taken care of the rest of your life. You are part of our family, and we want to take care of you.

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